“Annette & Company is warm and welcoming environment for aspiring dancers. My daughter loves her dance class at Annette & Company and I like the positive attitudes and values this studio embodies.”-Monica Katharopoulos (June 2016)


“Annette and Company School of Dance has provided an embracing, creative, energetic, dedicated, and thoroughly outstanding dance experience for our daughter, now age 13.  She has “come of age” at Annette’s in the last 6 years.  Through the medium of dance, our daughter has developed grace, poise, self-awareness, and a discipline that is clearly evident both in and out of the dance studio.   Fostered by a talented and supportive team of dance professionals, she has learned to establish and meet high standards within a collaborative dance environment.   The extensive dance curriculum is consistently excellent!   Annette and Company also offers their senior students an opportunity to assist in teaching the younger dances, which is a fun and formative experience for both groups.  As a parent, I strongly support Annette’s commitment to support charitable organizations through fundraising dance performances, providing an important life lesson to both students and parents alike.

I highly recommend Annette and Company School of Dance.” – Miriam Wolock (Oct 2015)


“ I still remember when my girl walked out of her first class with Annette convinced she would never be able to successfully complete a double pirouette. After a few short weeks of hard work, practice and a healthy dose of encouragement from Annette, she figured it out. Now she spins like a top and doesn’t think twice about adding an extra revolution. Exactly what defines a good teacher/coach – helping the child believe that she can do it.” – Kimberly Lewis Pierce (Oct 2015)


“Annette and Company School of Dance was Rochelle’s first dance school, place where she fell in love with ballet and musical theater (summer camps) for the first time. She was 6. She would not miss a session or a class until we moved. Every time we plan to visit MI, she is making plans to visit the school. She is a senior now majoring in acting and she never stopped dancing. Just wanted to say thank you for all the love, patience, positive influence, and knowledge you give her!” – Anna Gluzman (Oct 2015)


“Loved my experience at Annette and Co. It was over 30 years ago… Congrats Annette, Josh, and Company on all of your success!” – Heather Diton (September 2015)
“As a small non-profit, there are simply no words to express how wonderful and helpful and amazing a donation of this size is! When my husband, Steve died suddenly in 2007, I had no idea that something so wonderful would come of such tragedy. Our son, Allen (the “A” of ASK as he’d proudly tell you!) was only 4 1/2 and telling him that his Daddy died, I just knew I’d broken his heart. But we’re fighters and I knew deep down we’d be okay — I just had no idea how. Life was very much day by day. To see us nearly 8 years later, happy and thriving and giving back — I know Steve is smiling with each and every grant we award. ASK might have been my idea, but it takes a village — and I am SO proud and appreciative of our village, which now includes Annette & Company! Children who have experienced the death of a parent are already going thru something most people can’t understand and it’s often something as simple as dance, sports or music that help them get their feet under them again. On behalf of all of us at Acts of Simple Kindness for Kids of Widows and Widowers and the children we help find hope again — THANK YOU”

– Acts of Simple Kindness for Kids of Widows and Widowers (April 2015)


“Happy 35th Anniversary to Annette and Company School of Dance! It was so great spending the weekend with the amazing Bergasse family… the people who first taught and inspired me as a young dancer and led me into my current career! I am forever grateful!” – Shelby Kaufman (April 2015)


“Best dance studio around metro Detroit!” – Natalie Gidcumb (June 2015)


“Hands down Annette and Company is the best dance studio in Oakland County!!!!!!!!!!” – Shane Engisch (June 2015)


“Annette and Company has the perfect balance of dance education, dance technique, and fun. Your attention to detail and continued support of your students is just fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you!!!” – Shari Ferber Kaufman (September 2014)


“The best studio to dance at in Oakland County!” – Jenni Hall (August 2014)