A Word From Annette

Watching the glory of the Olympics has reminded me of the hopes and dreams that we can inspire for the future of our youth. When I was a young girl in dancing school I was totally inspired by watching the more advanced girls dance. Their gracefulness, their leaps, turns, passion and connection to the music overwhelmed me. I asked my teacher how I could attain that level of excellence. She wisely said “They worked very hard on their technique and never gave up practicing so that they would get consistently better!” So my goal became to to just that.

My parents insisted that school work was my priority and in order to keep dancing I had to excel at school. I worked hard to maintain my grades so that I could continue to pursue my passion for dance. The more I advanced in dance the more my grades went up. Somehow my mind had learned to organize and retain information more efficiently. I became more self-confident and began to believe I could achieve whatever I set my mind to.
As I think back to the thousands of students I have taught I see the same patterns emerge. Those that sought instant gratification ended up disappointed in life. Those that became inspired by something were led to passion. The passion led them to hard work. In the end that work ethic led them to become successful adults in so many fields; dentists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, dancers, producers, choreographers and on and on. We must embrace the passions of our children as invaluable assets to growth and success. By giving them recognition and encouragement we can look on knowing we have done our best as parents and leaders!

To life and dance happiness,


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