Classes & Programs

Annette and Company provides a variety of classes to suit every style and goal. Students have the opportunity to choose a “fun stream” program, recreational, or the “performance stream” program, for the more serious dancer. We have many events throughout the year to expand their skills and learn new ones. Keep checking our website for special events, master classes and many surprises. Our teaching methods and dance styles have been perfected over many, many years and thousands of students. As true dance educators, we teach what the students need to know and what achieves appropriate and timely results. We offer a true program taught by teachers who have spent years developing their educational skills.

We offer a comprehensive and progressive season curriculum in:

  • Jazz – many styles including Broadway, Lyrical and Classic
  • Tap – from fundamentals to classic, and the wildly popular Rhythm Tap
  • Hip Hop – the first and only school to create a true classroom
    system which students are able to follow and become real “funky classes1divas”
  • Ballet – a complete classic program
  • Lyrical Contemporary – a blend of ballet and jazz techniques
  • Modern – a dance style that rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings
  • Acro – the stretching, building, and strengthening of muscles to perform acrobatic stunts
  • Musical Theatre – a blend of various dance styles focusing on character building and the story-telling of performance.
  • Poms – develops precision, kicks, stretch, and team spirit. Perfect for those wanting to participate in their schools’ team.

Adult Fitness & Fun

Choices available are:

Hip Hop – Workout in the funky street styles of today.

Beginner Tap – A high energy cardio classes2
with low impact creating intricate and fun rhythms.

Jazz – A mix of Broadway, Lyrical and Classic styles.

Body Barre – Total body conditioning class that blends the disciplines of yoga, pilates, and ballet. It is a low impact class which welcomes a wide range of participants.


Still deciding on what style? Come try a class on us!

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