Darling Divas Program

Our darling diva program is taught by professional dance teachers with years of experience in dance as well as parenting. They are dedicated to a life as a dance educator. Our “Darling Divas” program is designed with your young child in mind and stimulates many skills;

  1. Develops hand to eye coordination
  2. Improves counting skills
  3. Develops creative expression
  4. Teaches classroom concepts such as; taking turns, following directions, listening, sharing and communicating.
  5. Teaches social growth
  6. And of course, feeling like a “Darling Dancing Diva”!

We have many classes available! Try a Complimentary Class on Us!


4:30 PM Darling Diva Tap 3-5 Years Old image1

5:15 PM Darling Diva Tap & Ballet 4-6 Years Old


4:30 PM Darling Diva Ballet 6-8 Years Old


10:30 AM Darling Diva Tap & Ballet 3-5 Years Old

4:45 PM Darling Diva Jazz 4-5 Years Oldimage2


10:00 Darling Divas Tap & Ballet 4-5 Years Old

10:45 Darling Divas Jazz/Hip Hop 4-5 Years Old

10:45 Darling Divas Tap & Ballet 3-5 Years Old