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Welcome for  to Annette and Company School of Dance.

Our staff is eager and excited to share their knowledge of dance in our positive and creative atmosphere!  Whether it’s a first lesson, a recreational class or advanced training for the more serious dancer our leadership and experience equips us to fill your dancing desires.

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When I tIMG_0894hink about why our studio has had such success and longevity I believe it comes from my basic philosophy of what place we strive for in our clients lives.

There are many schools that require the kind of commitment that leaves no room for other activities such as family life and friends. I have always felt that the more well-rounded a student can be promotes a more successful adult in all walks of life.

Even those who wish to strive for a professional dance career need the social skills necessary for success. Here at Annette and Company those students are trained to be very skilled dancers who go on to wonderful professional careers without giving up the normal joys of childhood and life. Life is a balance, and as dance educators we lead our students to achieve that balance of devotion to their art and participation in the real world around them!

To life and dance happiness,



The benefits of taking dance class as a child are many!

  1. Develops early creative expression
  2. Beginning “classroom skills” necessary for school experiences, such as taking turns, following directions, listening, sharing, and communicating needs and feeling are developed.
  3. The first stages of academic understanding such as math, sequences, and reasoning.
  4. Increased body awareness, kinesthetic comfort, and ease.
  5. Improved alignment, flexibility, and neurological patterning.
  6. Emotional and social growth and development
  7. Greater self-esteem and autonomy.
  8. Collaboration skills and strong work ethic development.

Come join us and experience a 35 year dance legacy where passion, expertise and proven teaching methods have led students to live enjoyable, productive lives as well as pursue successful dance careers in Hollywood, Broadway and television hits like “Smash”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Gigi”, and “On The Town”.


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